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3 Things You May Not Know About Keeping Your Drapes Clean

The drapes and curtains in your home are constantly exposed to dust and dirt and they are bound to get dirty over time. Not only does this make them look shabby but also poses numerous health risks for people, especially for those with allergies and respiratory trouble. The best way to keep your drapery clean and maintain their quality is to get them professionally cleaned, however in most homes, drapes and curtains amount to a lot of fabric, which can rake up quite the dry-cleaning bill. So, how do you maintain your window treatments? The most effective alternative is to wash or vacuum them at home. And if you do, here are a few things you should know:

  • Learn about the fabric of your drapes and test them before you wash them at home

The type fabric that your drapes and curtains are constructed from will determine how you should wash them. While fabrics like cotton and synthetic fabrics can be hand- and machine-washed, silk can only be hand-washed and cashmere needs to be dry-cleaned. Drapes with pleats and swags should also be dry-cleaned. If your fabrics can be washed, make sure you test them to check for color fastness. Wash a small, hidden corner in some warm water and detergent to see if the color bleeds. If it does, it is best to take it to professional cleaners.

  • Vacuum your drapes every week

Window treatments attract a lot of dust and other unwelcomed pollutants including numerous allergens like mold and pollen. You can take care of that by vacuuming the drapes every week. Use the upholstery attachment in your vacuum. Pay special attention to the top of the drapes and the folds because this is where the most dust gathers. If your vacuum doesn’t have such an attachment, you can use a long brush or broom with soft fibers to prevent dust build-up. This will not only keep your drapes from looking dirty but also save you and your family from allergies.

  • Choose the right professional cleaning service

If you decide to hire professional cleaners to clean your drapes, make sure you know how to choose the right ones. Not all cleaning services provide drapery cleaning and it is crucial to choose one that does because improper handling can ruin the drapes. Before you hire a cleaning company, find out if they provide specialized drapery cleaning services. You should also check online reviews to gauge the quality of their service.

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