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4 Things That Tell You Your Carpet Needs Stretching

A lovely carpet floor is not only pleasing to look at but also allows you to walk comfortably inside your home, bare feet. If properly taken care of, carpeting lasts for years to come. While all of us get our carpets cleaned on a regular basis, the thought of getting it stretched may not cross our minds. Nonetheless, that is equally important. Started looking for local carpet stretchers already? But first you need to know how to determine if your carpet needs stretching! All you need is good observational skills and some testing along the carpet area that looks questionable. Here are some tips:

    1. Wrinkles and lumps– Even if your carpet has no visible cut or damage, it may still need stretching. Look closely and you may find visible wrinkles and lumps that occur after years of use. Move a long-standing heavy furniture piece to another section of the room, your carpet may wrap in the original area. You will be able to see wrinkles and lumps throughout the carpet body. Foot traffic also is a major reason for that. Observe the top of the carpet closely, if the surface appears bumpy, it requires stretching.
    2. Cuts and damage– Your carpet’s depth determines the damage to its base structure. If the damaged area of your carpet’s base is large, the surrounding area becomes loose. You need to look closely at the carpet fibers for signs of cuts to the carpet base. You may want to use a flashlight and take a closer look at the carpet pile. If you discover a large cut, don’t wait, call your local carpet stretchers at once.
    3. Edge inspection– Another way to determine whether the carpet needs stretching is inspecting its edges. Your carpet must be affixed to the edges of the room, with tack strips. These strips are responsible for holding the carpet in place. Walk around the entire room and carefully observe carpet edges. If the edges seem to be uplifted, the area needs stretching.
    4. Awl testing– Sometimes your carpet may seem to be perfectly alright but in reality, needs immediate stretching. To check if that is the case, insert an awl tool at the carpet’s center. Thereafter, pull the carpet upward by 1 inch, approximately. Remove the tool and observe how carpet’s returns to the subfloor. If it takes too long, it requires stretching. Try the awl testing only if you have a deep pile carpet. The hole resulting from the tool’s insertion will be hidden by the fibers.

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