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The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Granite Floors

Granite flooring lends an exquisite and elegant appeal to your home, instantly grabbing the attention of your guests. Other than its extraordinary beauty, its toughness and its extraordinary is what makes it the preferred flooring option for homeowners.

Knowing how to clean granite floors is extremely important if you seek to safeguard your investment and extend its life. However, we often treat granite flooring just like other tile options due to which it might lose its sheen and show signs of damage. To ensure that you do not commit cleaning mistakes, we have prepared this guide so that you can enjoy your squeaky-clean granite flooring to the fullest!

1. DIY Daily Cleaning

The best thing about granite is that it is extremely easy to clean. While vacuuming, take particular care to use attachments that won’t leave scratches on the floor. While you can place doormats at the entrances to reduce dust brought into your home, don’t forget to sweep the floor daily.

Make sure that you double-check your cleaners for harsh chemicals and stick to only those that are recommended for stone cleaning. Also, since rough sponges might cause scratches, we advise you to stick to soft sponge mops for weekly wet mopping. Ensure that you use distilled water to clean your floors, as hard water is known to leave stains and dull the shine of granite.

To prevent stains from spillages, attend to them immediately. Rub it off with a damp cloth and then dry the area off with a dry cloth. 

2. Seal Your Granite Floor 

Flooring experts suggest that you seal your floors at least twice a year to maintain its glossy appearance and quality. Sealers ensure that there is a protective shield on the granite, thus reducing its ability to absorb moisture and liquids. This means that you will have more time to clean up spilled substances to prevent stains. Bear in mind that wrong sealing methods might cause lasting damage. To avoid this, get in touch with professional granite sealing and granite floor polishing experts to get it done correctly.

3. Regular Polishing

Anyone who has a granite countertop in the kitchen will swear by the benefits of polishing it regularly. However, be careful while going the DIY way to polish your granite floor as it can make it very slippery, thus making a safety hazard for your family. Let experts do the job for you instead. They will ensure that your granite tiles get a new lease of life right away and yet don’t lead to slips and falls.

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